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MGR Interview

MGR Interview to BBC Tamil Oosai in 1974. Used the video from



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Election Speech 1980

When Congress under the Leadership of Indira Gandhi with drew support, Charan Singh Government (constituting MGR’s two ADMK Central Ministers - first Tamil Ministers of non Congress Government) resigned and subsequently India faced Parliamentary Election in 1980. MGR already alliance with Janata Party and Karunanidhi’s DMK was allied with Indira Congress to face the Election. Sympathy wave for Indira Gandhi was present all over India, Tamil Nadu is no exception. Indira Gandhi swept the poll and she became the Prime Minister and after that she dismissed MGR Government in Tamil Nadu, Indira Congress and DMK shared 110 seats each for the 1980 Assembly Elections. MGR fought the battle single handedly. MGR’s foes and media predicted the end of MGR legacy in Tamil Nadu Politics and some even said that MGR will return to acting after the Assembly elections. The opposition expected hands down win, but all was changed by this historical speech of MGR in front of thousands of peop